Friday, July 29, 2005

Gotta Love the CIA!

This is from an article I just read on the Canton Repository (Canton Ohio) website. I have found brief mentions of it elsewhere, but it seems as though the big news outlets are steering clear of it. It's pretty good stuff...

Here is the direct link:

Italy questions CIA’s conduct

Monday, July 25, 2005
By NAT HENTOFF Newspaper Enterprise Association

Since the Clinton presidency, the CIA has been conducting “extraordinary renditions” — kidnapping suspected terrorists in various parts of the world and sending them to countries known for torturing their prisoners. For the first time, authorities in Italy, where such an abduction had taken place, are issuing arrest warrants for 13 CIA agents involved in one of these lawless “renditions.”
On Nov. 12, 2003, Hussan Mustafa Omar Nasr, a radical imam, on the way to daily prayers at a mosque in Milan — who had been under surveillance by Italian intelligence forces — was sprayed in the face with chemicals by eight CIA agents, shoved into a van, and rendered to his native Egypt on a Gulfstream IV executive jet (a plane often used for these CIA missions.)
In an Egyptian prison, Omar Nasr was given electric shock treatments, hung upside down, and otherwise tortured. Released after 14 months, he was rearrested, and has disappeared in an Egyptian dungeon. As has been reported in The New York Times, The Washington Post and other publications there is no doubt that this abduction was a CIA operation.

Jason!!! Good source of news on Iraq. I've been reading this guy religiously since he arrived in country. His name is Michael Yon, he wrote the book "Danger Close"
Thanks Bucky! That looks awesome. I just added it to my daily reading list.
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