Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rumors of your demise..........

were exagerated with your silence on the matter I'm sure. Nonetheless I hope find yourself happy as a result of your "demise". You'll always have a friend here. For those that do not know me, I have known Jason for over 10 years. While co-workers and friends, in and on the streets of Boston, Jason may very well have saved my life. He saved me from being stabbed in the back (literaly) at least. For that Jason, I am in your forever debt. Look forward to seeing you out there soon.
A tune played on the pipes in yours, and "Scotty"'s honour....


I will never forget that night and the shit that went down there. I had your back just as you had mine on many occasions. Friends always look out for each other, and I know you would have done the same thing for me that night had the roles been reversed.

Thanks for always being there Buck, for thinking of me when you are places that you know I'd kill to be (Foxboro and Fenway), for supporting me through all the drama in my life, and for bringing me back to my senses when I need it. You're the best.

Are you all set to come out for the Pats game in October? I can't wait!
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We'll be all set by the middle of August. Down payments have been made. Still working on trying to get you a couple seats with us. I'll be sure and let ya know ASAP on that. We'll be out there 6 deep this time. Be sure and have your drinking shoes ready to go.
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