Monday, July 25, 2005

Silence is Deafening

Okay, so I've been a horrid friend...let's get that out of the way. Let me first take this moment to apologize many times over for my seeming lack of compassion or sympathy. Regardless of cause, reason or effects, I have mourned deeply what has transpired over the past few months.

I'll admit I know next to nothing about it, having heard little from either of you...something I take great blame for. All I can say is: I'm sorry.

That said, I don't have a moments doubt you continue to be the guy I have always admired and felt blessed to call a friend. And while time, distance, and a hectic lifestyle all contribute to infrequent contact, I expect to always call you friend.

I look forward to reading and posting...this is a great idea. One, I'm not surprised, you came up with!

Here's to the future.....


Thank you for the kind words. I know that things have been busy for you guys out in Wisconsin, and I don't blame you one bit for any lapse in our communication or closeness. I am just as much to blame for that as anyone.

The four of us certainly had some great times together, but as in any epic story, it's time to turn that page and begin a new chapter.

You and Em are incredibly special to me, and I look forward to introducing you to Jenny as soon as possible and showing her just how great you guys are.

So no worries, my friend. Let's get together soon and catch up.

Very cool...

Speaking of meeting Jenny, I'm going to be in Denver Aug. 17-19 for work (we have a series of meetings at the Grand Hyatt at 17th and Welton...pretty damn close to you guys if I'm not mistaken?).

I don't know my exact itinerary yet, but let me know if you've got some time to meet for lunch or dinner any of those days?
Hell yeah man! We work at the corner of 17th and Welton, right across the street from the hotel. Let's definitely get together when you are here. Happy hour is a must!

Depending on what time you get here on the 17th, your Brewers are playing the Rocks that night at Coors. How cool would that be!

Keep me posted...
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