Thursday, August 11, 2005

America Has A Clear Strategy For Victory In The War On Terror.

Here's the Presidents plan:
America Must Fight The Enemy Abroad, So We Do Not Have To Face Them Here At Home. By using every available tool to keep the enemy on the run, America's Armed Forces can ensure that terrorists spend their days trying to avoid capture, not planning their next attack.
The United States Must Deny Terrorists Sanctuary And The Support Of States.
Mass Murderers Must Not Obtain Weapons Of Mass Destruction. The United States must prevent terrorists from obtaining nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. This must be a global effort involving many countries.
Freedom And Hope Will Defeat An Ideology Of Hate. Through the spread of democracy, the United States can help deny terrorists the ideological victories they seek. Free nations do not support terrorists or invade their neighbors. By advancing the cause of liberty across the world, we will make the world more peaceful and America more secure.
Since September 11th, America Has Made Great Strides In Winning The War On Terror.
The United States Has Removed Brutal Regimes In Afghanistan And Iraq That Harbored Terrorists And Threatened America. Fifty million people were liberated in the process, and both Afghanistan and Iraq have chosen leaders in free elections.
Across The World, Liberty Is On The March. In the last 18 months, we have witnessed a Purple Revolution in Iraq, an Orange Revolution in Ukraine, a Rose Revolution in Georgia, a Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan, and a Cedar Revolution in Lebanon.
The World's Most Dangerous Nuclear Trading Network Has Been Shut Down. The United States has launched the Proliferation Security Initiative, a global effort involving 60 countries to stop shipments of weapons of mass destruction. The black-market network that supplied nuclear weapons technology to North Korea, Libya, and Iran has been shut down, and the government of Libya has even agreed to abandon its nuclear weapons program and rejoin a community of nations.
In The Last Few Weeks, U.S. Forces Have Captured A Number Of Key Terrorists. In Pakistan, one of Osama Bin Laden’s senior terrorist leaders, al-Libbi, was brought to justice. Earlier this week, in Iraq, U.S. forces captured two senior operatives of the terrorist Zarqawi. America has also killed or captured hundreds of terrorists and insurgents near the Syrian border and in a series of raids throughout Baghdad.
The United States Must Transform The Military With New Technologies That Will Make Our Armed Forces Faster, Lighter, And More Lethal. The President will ensure the U.S. military has the best equipment and everything it needs to protect the American people.
The Key To Future Victories Is Transformational Military Capabilities. Since taking office, the Bush Administration has invested $16 billion in these innovative efforts and will add $78 billion over the next four years.
Research And Development Will Make Our Armed Forces The Strongest In The World. So the United States can build even more advanced capabilities in the decades ahead, the Bush Administration has invested $240 billion in these efforts and has requested an additional $275 billion over the next four years.
The United States Must Transform The Military By Repositioning Forces At Home And Abroad. To be able to quickly meet unexpected threats, our Armed Forces must undertake the biggest transformation of our global force since the end of the Second World War.
The United States Will Bring Home Many Uniformed Personnel Currently Stationed Overseas. By bringing home between 60,000 to 70,000 troops from abroad and deploying them rapidly when needed, America can become a more effective fighting force. This will not only reduce the stress on military families, it will help our Armed Forced raise the pressure on our enemies.
Closing And Realigning Military Bases Will Free Up Funds To Support Our Troops. Each branch of the military services has completed a review of their requirements and has concluded that there are more military bases than are needed. The President will help communities affected by base closings, providing them development aid and job training. The process will produce a net savings of $48 billion over the next 20 years and will make the military more efficient and better prepared to protect the American people.
The United States Must, Above All, Transform The Way We Think About War. All the advanced technology in the world will not transform our military, if we do not transform our thinking.
Transformation Means Using Old Capabilities In New Ways. In Afghanistan, U.S. troops rode into battle on horseback – but they did it while using GPS and advanced satellite communications to call in air strikes on enemy positions. They combined a staple of 19th-century warfare with the most advanced 21st-century technology in the American arsenal.
The President Advised Recent Military Academy Graduates To Pursue The Possibilities Others Tell You Do Not Exist. By bringing the spirit of creativity and innovation to work, the U.S. military can accomplish what conventional wisdom says is impossible.
Now lets hear yours, oh wait, the Lib's dont have one, just a silly little petition from the aclu.

Yes I read that verbatim on the white house website a while back. Ok, I just quickly jotted down notes while reading that again, and here are the bullet points from that long winded, propagandist piece of crap:

1. Travel the world and kill terrorists

2. Don't let them live or hide out here

3. Don't give them nukes

4. Force democracy on every country in the world so they can be just like us

5. Give our troops better weapons

6. Do some research

7. Close needless military bases and reassign troops doing nothing into other positions where they are doing stuff

8. Change our approach (ride horses and shit)

That's all I saw in there. Did I miss any pertinent details??

Boy that must have taken them years to come up with! Such complex stuff. I tell ya, we are damn lucky to have these people leading us!
Oh, and below you will find the highlights of the Senate Democrats' bill that was introduced on January 24, 2005 by Senator Joe Biden that would offer a much more clear, detailed and effective approach to fighting terrorism than the Bush doctrine you offered up. It is Senate Bill 12 and it is still pending approval.

Targetting the Terrorists More Effectively - S. 12

Democrats are determined to wage the most effective war on terror. S. 12 lays out a comprehensive U.S. strategy to combat radical Islamic fundamentalism and win the war on international terrorism.

In contrast to the Bush Administration’s piecemeal approach, S. 12 establishes four interlocking pillars necessary to wage an effective war on terrorism: (1) taking the fight to the terrorists, (2) drying up the breeding grounds that produce terrorism, (3) enhancing the U.S. government’s accountability and effectiveness to deal with this issue, and (4) reducing the possibility terrorists could acquire and use nuclear materials and other deadly materials as a weapon, the greatest single threat to U.S. national security.

Take the Fight to the Terrorists.

S. 12 contains three basic provisions that will allow the U.S. to take the fight to the terrorists in a more effective manner. First, S. 12 increases the U.S. Special Forces capability by 2,000 personnel over the next several years, greatly enhancing this nation’s ability to track down and eliminate international terrorists in all corners of the globe. S. 12 also increases foreign language experts in the U.S. government, thereby ensuring that our troops and security personnel receive timely translations of critical conversations between terrorist organizations. S.12 also strengthens measures to combat terrorist financing, a critical aspect of the war on terror.

Dry up the Breeding Grounds that Produce Terrorism.

A long term complement to the offensive measures, S. 12 contains four key long-term initiatives that are designed to dry up the breeding grounds of terrorism. S. 12 authorizes additional funding for basic education programs to help nations provide a clear alternative to the madrassas that preach radical Islam; support to non-governmental organizations working to enhance democracy and development in the Muslim world; new public diplomacy programs to explain U.S. policies and counter anti-U.S. propaganda, and a long term strategy to deal with key states; including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Increase the U.S. Government’s Accountability and Effectiveness to Counter the Terrorist Threat.

The U.S. government lacks the basic tools to determine if our efforts to combat terrorism are actually working. This fact was compounded by the errors in the State Department’s annual report on global terrorism. S. 12 deals with these problems by establishing a mechanism to assess the effectiveness of U.S. policies and programs on the war on terror; creates tough criminal penalties for anyone caught defrauding or profiteering from U.S. foreign assistance programs; and creates an independent commission to hold accountable all of those responsible for the Abu Ghraib scandal.

Prevent Terrorist Acts With Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Terrorist acts with weapons of mass destruction are the single greatest threat to U.S. national security. S. 12 expands the pace and scope of programs to eliminate and safeguard nuclear materials by authorizing a global cleanout of radioactive materials; constructs permanent security arrangements for radioactive materials; expands the Cooperative Threat Reduction program beyond the Former Soviet Union; and dramatically increases resources for a range of under-funded, yet vital, State and Defense Department programs. The bill also includes a number of measures to increase border and port security and respond to a catastrophic terrorist attack. It adds 1,500 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Customs and Border Protection agents over 5 years; authorizes $3 billion over 4 years to ensure that MTSA standards are met and funds other port security measures; and creates or restores a number of programs designed to ensure that this nation’s state and local first responders have the training and equipment they need to deal with this threat.

If you would like to read the actual bill in it's entirety, here is the link:

Hopefully this helped to clear up any misunderstandings you had concerning the Democratic Party's stance on terrorism.
Hey great plan! send more people so we have more targets for terriost and spend more money! thats a great way to fight terror. He forgot to mention the part about increasing taxes to pay for every thing? This is exactly the problem with the democrats, when they dont understand something then the answer is to throw money at it.
I know it's hard to believe that these things cost money. That is because Bush doesn't come out and tell you what he is spending on things. It's part of his cute little secrecy thing. Keep voters completely in the dark and rely on them to buy into the "strong man, cowboy, John Wayne, saving the world" image that he likes to portray. That way he can bend you all over and fuck you in the ass as much as he wants, and have you asking for seconds! Silly silly people.

Just an FYI, if you are concerned with the government spending your hard earned money, maybe you should have a look at the costs of the war so far. Thus far, we have spent $314 BILLION on it, and the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the total could exceed $700 BILLION by the time it's over.

Just to give you some prespective on those numbers, the Korean War cost a total of $430 BILLION, and Vietnam cost $600 BILLION, when converted into today's dollars. Oh, and last time I checked, Bin Laden was still a free man and terrorists were still killing people all over the globe.

Just ask the folks in Eqypt, Madrid and London how well the war on terror is coming along.

So does $314 BILLION sound like your president doesn't like to spend money?? How about $700 BILLION?? Please! How hypocritical.

Next month will be the 4 year anniversary of 9/11 and we haven't been able to catch the guy responsible for it. That's really pathetic. Buy hey, let's just keep doing the same shit we've been doing these 4 years because Lil' Georgy says so. Afterall, he's a tough Texas cowboy and he knows best. Great strategy. On the bright side, eventually Bin Laden will die of old age, so we've got that going for us.

Makes me want to fucking puke.

This president is a completely incompetent monkey, and people still flock to him because they are too afraid to admit they made a mistake buying into his bullshit.

Oh one more thing about spending money. How about those gas prices!! Just another little perk we Americans get for having Georgy up front asleep at the wheel. I filled my tank a few days ago with the cheap stuff, and it cost me $65!!!!!!! What's wrong with that picture????
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