Thursday, August 04, 2005

Blogger Helps Philadelphia Police...

On July 18th Latoyia Figueroa, a pregnant 24 year old Philadelphia woman, became a missing person! This came to the attention of a local Internet blogger, Richard Blair, who operates a progressive Web site at Richard stated that "missing-persons stories happen every day but which become noteworthy? Alot of it has to do with skin color and economics". He felt that getting the word out is what is most important. Police had briefed reporters but little coverage ensued. Richard decided to e-mail Nancy Grace, host of a nightly show on CNN Headline News. Grace's show has given constant coverage to the case of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teenager missing in Aruba. He also contacted a number of Web sites and several of them posted his message. When the e-mail Richard sent to Grace got noticed by a CNN producer the results were immediate. Early on July 27th CNN posted a story about Figueroa on its Web site, quoting Richard Blair, among others. Cable news outlets across the country joined in carrying the story.
A tip of the hat to bloggers everywhere! You can make things happen with the written word...

Well well well! Look at Mom posting on the blog!! I am very impressed! Now that you have gotten the process down, I want to hear from you often!

I'm not sure if this blog will ever help anyone out, but it is a great distraction from the daily grind, that's for sure!

I'm glad you wrote. Talk to you later.
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