Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Loud Noises!

Indeed, Howard Jones put on a show - not entirely sure if it was a good one or not, but he tried his damnedest. I especially loved it when he was really rockin' out and tilted his synthesizer sideways, with the same intensity that Slash has jamming out on his guitar. Ho Jo is cool!

I am loving my new home! And although Tommy and Shelly have had quite an adjustment period, I know they are happier. It is quite a sight to see two 60+ lb. dogs get b!*%# slapped by two 10 lb., declawed cats. Tommy, who I believe is left-pawed, packs a mean punch. And does he get snitty... whew!

I especially love when all four animals try to sleep on the bed with us. Usually the order is: Tommy, me, Shelly, Jason, AJ, and when Elvis is feeling brave, he tries to sneak into the mix. Welcome to Wild Kingdom.

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