Monday, August 01, 2005

Much better!

KEITH!!!! What's up man! Are you still at Millipore? What's the story?
Hey buddy!

Yes I am still there and doing well! Tell me you got my email about Florida, Sept 14-20 you gotta go bro!
Yeah man, I got your email. I thought I wrote you back. Anyway, I am still looking into the finances right now and seeing if I can swing it. It's a long story, but things are really really tight financially at the moment. If I am out of the hole by then, I will definitely be there. How's Linda?
Oh by the way, I had to remove the music video you posted because I am trying out a traffic exchange program and they don't allow music on sites in the program. Sorry man.
No prob bro it was just there to see if i could lol!
Hey I understand about the finances in regards to FL. If you can swing it on the cheap it would be great to see you. You won't need much money when you are there it would just cost the flight and a lil spendin money. If not we will plan something when you can cause we got to hang out!
BTW, who is Robert??? Buck, I can understand his sentiment about the soldiers although if they weren't there in the first place it wouldn't be that way for them, politics aside, but Robert appears to be quite a talent at posting other peoples rhetoric (Language that is elaborate, pretentious, insincere, or intellectually vacuous)
Ah, a flare for the dramatic replaces a hello a day later. Sneaky, just like Charlie.
I'll try my best to make it to Florida, but the divorce process and selling of my house has put me in terrible financial hole. I seriously don't have the proverbial pot to piss in right now.

Robert is my brother, and this political/ideological battle has been raging basically since Bush stole the first the election.
Ha ha! I wondered if that was your brother! My sister and I are the same way, it is funny how the differences can be so dramatic in the same family isn't it?
Hey Buck! LOL

I decided to go with the theme of the blog, thought you would get a kick out of it!

Hope you are doing well!

What up Keith?? LOL, doing well. Hope all is well with you, as well. lol.
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