Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Myth vs. Fact

Rather than refer to a map that an infant could tell intentionally oversimplifies the breakdown of votes in the past election and misleads readers by employing a "winner take all" approach to the color coding, I encourage you to read the following encyclopedia entry regarding the topic...

That map, adored by Republicans as a justification of their cause, gives a voting district a red color, even if the vote is only 51% to 49% in favor of their candidate. It casually and conveniently dismisses the 49% of the citizenry that voted against the Republican candidate. Seem fair and accurate to you? I didn't think so.

Let us not forget that the American popular vote ended up 62 million to 59 million in favor of Bush, which breaks down to 50% to 48%.,_2004

The facts state that Bush received votes from only half of the American population, so that should shed a little light on the silly little map posted below.

Two things, you're wrong and you're still a punk.
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