Monday, August 15, 2005

Strike Two: Liberal Democrats' Second Line Of Attack On John Roberts Fails

Democrats Three Prong Attack Strategy Includes Complaints On Consultation, Extremism, And Document Production:
"Democrats Signaled That Whoever The Nominee Is, Their Three Likely Lines Of Attack Will Be To Assert The White House Did Not Consult Them Sufficiently, Then Paint The Nominee As Ideologically Extreme And Finally Assert That The Senate Had Not Received Sufficient Documents About The Candidate." (Mike Allen, "Parties Line Up Strategies For Hearings On Nomination," The Washington Post, 7/3/05)
White House's Unprecedented Amount Of Consultation:
"By The Time The White House Finished Seeking Input From The Senate, Three-Quarters Of The 44 Democrats Had Spoken To Bush Or One Of His Deputies - More Than 70 Senators In All." (Paul Kane and Chris Cillizza, "Practical Jokes, Formalities Marked Historic Nomination," Roll Call, 7/21/05)
Even Democrats Applauded President's Amount Of Consultation:
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY): "So In Summary, Mr. President, The Consultation We Have Had Is Great." (Sen. Charles Schumer, Congressional Record, 7/12/05, p. S8092)
Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA): "I'm Glad The President Has Reached Out, And Applaud The Process He Has Been Meeting With The Members Of The Judiciary Committee." (CNN's "Inside Politics," 7/13/05)
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA): "I'm Very Pleased That The White House Is Reaching Out ... It's My Understanding That The White House Has Reached Out To A Large Number Of Senators, And I Think That's A Very Healthy Thing." (Carolyn Lochhead, "Bush Asks Senators For Advice On Court Pick," The San Francisco Chronicle, 7/13/05)
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV): "I Think We Should Applaud The President For Listening ... He Might Take Our Advice Or He Might Not, But At Least He's Listening." (Jan Crawford Greenburg and Jill Zuckman, "Look Past Courts For New Justice, Senators Advise," Chicago Tribune, 7/13/05)
Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR): "[I] Am Glad The President Did Consult With A Number Of Senators On This Nomination." (Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," 7/19/05)
False NARAL Ad Attempted To Paint Roberts As Extremist:
NARAL Announcer: "Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts Filed Court Briefs Supporting Violent Fringe Groups And A Convicted Clinic Bomber." (NARAL, Television Ad, 8/8/05)
Non Partisan Groups, Editorials, Journalists, And Democrats Called Ad Misleading:
The Non Partisan Group, Factcheck.Org On NARAL Ad: "The Ad Is False." (FactCheck.Org Website, "NARAL Falsely Accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts,", 8/9/05, Accessed 8/9/05)
Factcheck.Org's Brooks Jackson: "That's Right. And We Don't Characterize Things As False Very Often. More Often Ads Are Misleading Or Twisted Or Distorted Or Out Of Context, But This One Is Absolutely False." (CNN's "Live From ..." 8/11/05)
ABC's Jake Tapper: "Walter Dellinger, A Former Solicitor General For President Clinton And A Supporter Of Abortion Rights, Says The [NARAL] Ad Is Misleading." (ABC's "World News Tonight," 8/10/05)
The Washington Post: "NARAL Is Certainly Within Its Rights To Disagree With The Position The Government Took In The Case. But The Impression It Creates With This Ad Is Not An Argument But A Smear - A Smear That Will Do Less To Discredit Judge Roberts Than It Will The Organization That Created It." (Editorial, "Abortion Smear," The Washington Post, 8/12/05)
NPR's Juan Williams: "I Don't Know If It Hurts NARAL's Cause, It Hurts Their Credibility, In My Opinion, Because There Really Is No Basis On Which You Can Say That Judge Roberts Was Siding With Violence." (Fox News' "Special Report," 8/10/05)
But Democrat Leaders In House And Senate Refused To Condemn Ad And Some Even Echoed It:
ABC's Jake Tapper: "We Contacted Four Leading Abortion Rights Groups And The Democratic Leaders Of The House And Senate Today. Not One Of Them Expressed Any Problem With This Misleading Ad." (ABC's "World News Tonight," 8/10/05)
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA): "[R]oberts Sided With Some Of The Nation's Most Violent Anti-Choice Extremists." (Sen. Barbara Boxer, Remarks At Golden Gate School Of Law, San Francisco, CA, 8/10/05)
NARAL Decides To Withdraw Ad, Others Already Refused To Air It:
"An Abortion Rights Group Is Withdrawing A Heavily Criticized Television Ad That Linked John Roberts To Violent Anti-Abortion Activists, Saying Its Attempt To Illuminate The Supreme Court Nominee's Record Has Been 'Misconstrued.'" (Jesse J. Holland, "Abortion Rights Group Withdraws Roberts Ad," The Associated Press, 8/12/05)
"At Least One Station Already Had Refused To Run The Ad. Mike Young, Vice President And General Manager Of WABI-TV In Bangor [Maine], Said His Station Ran The Ad Before Deciding To Pull It Thursday After Receiving A Challenge From The Republican National Committee." (Jesse J. Holland, "Abortion Rights Group Withdraws Roberts Ad," The Associated Press, 8/12/05)
White House Has Provided Democrats With Thousands Of Documents From Roberts' Career:
"The White House ... [Said] In A Letter To [Sen. Chuck] Schumer ... That The Administration Was Providing 65,000 Pages Of Documents To The Committee, Including Certain Records From Roberts's Days In The White House Counsel's Office Under President Reagan." (Mike Allen and Jo Becker, "A Clash Over Roberts Papers," The Washington Post, 8/6/05)
"In Letters To Leaders Of The Senate Judiciary Committee, White House Counsel Harriet Miers Said That Among The Documents To Be Released [From Roberts' Years In The White House Counsel's Office] Are 'Thousands Of Pages' That The White House Could Have Withheld Under 'Constitutionally Based Privilege,' But Chose Not To." (David G. Savage and Maura Reynolds, "More Early Roberts Files Are Released," Los Angeles Times, 8/12/05)
Chicago Tribune: "The Democrats Are Asking Too Much. The Administration Has Made Available Innumerable Documents From Roberts' Service In The Justice Department And The White House Counsel's Office, Records That Are Traditionally Released, And More Are On The Way." (Editorial, "The Stakes In Roberts' Memos," Chicago Tribune, 8/11/05)

Wow, that is quite hypocritical to use Ted Kennedy to support your point just days after trashing him so badly on here!
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