Monday, August 01, 2005

Subsisto Sermo Statim

I am so getting this shirt!

So how was everyone's weekend? Jenny and I had a great one. On Friday night, we went to a wedding and saw some friends get married. It was our first such event together, and it went very well. On Saturday we moved her out of her apartment downtown and got all of her stuff officially into my place in Littleton. It's a little cramped for the 6 of us (she has 2 cats and I have the 2 boys), but it feels much more like home now. The zoo has been keeping things interesting and entertaining to say the least, but I think they are starting to understand that they are going to have to coexist.

Saturday night we went to the stupidest concert of all time (we got free tickets from friends) and saw Howard Jones. Yes that is the same Howard Jones who had a couple hits in the 80's and hasn't been heard from since! Funny thing is, he was the headline act of one of our local radio stations' annual summer concert, which should tell you just how lame that station is! Anyway, it was a good excuse to go out and party with friends and we made the most of it.

Sunday, we got the apartment situated, did a little shopping and watched Anchorman. Damn, that's a funny movie! Anyway, hope all is well with everyone out there. Keep the posts coming!


It's about time you have a cat or 2 around! I hope the boys will adjust. I adopted Blue Kitty over a year ago and she is fantastic but when I adoped a rottweiler named Mia recently, the fur flew! Mia wanted to literally kill Blue Kitty every time she saw her. I gave it a few weeks hoping they would co-exist. Right! No way was Mia going to let that happen.
Mia is gone back to where she came from and 2 weeks ago I bought Jack, a 9 week old black cocker spaniel puppy. Although this match is not made in heaven, I now have hope that Blue Kitty can live in peace with a canine although Jack's favorite game is chasing Blue Kitty but she comes back time after time for more....
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