Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Do you get it now??

Here's something I don't understand. With Katrina approaching, the golden goose was about to lay another 9/11-type political golden egg for Bush & Company to pick up. And they didn't do it.

Surely, Karl Rove, who had seen Bush's approval ratings drop to all-time lows, knew days ahead that a category 5 hurricane was bearing down on New Orleans and that a terrible disaster was likely to unfold there if and when the levees were unable to hold back the water. What better way to improve those horrendous ratings than for Bush to be photographed the day after the disaster struck, standing on top of debris, bullhorn in hand, righteously vowing that the government would do all it could to help Gulf Coast states rebuild from this catastrophe?

But none of that happened.

They bungled their own political resurrection! Nearly a full week went by, while thousands were dying and starving or were kenneled in unbelievable filth in New Orleans. Nobody seemed to be in charge. Bush remained "on vacation" in Crawford, travelling around to fundraisers, playing golf, etc. Condi was theater-going and buying thousand-dollar shoes on Fifth Avenue. What was going on? Did Karl Rove not understand the significance of what was happening? Was Bush "incapacitated"? What about Cheney, "on vacation" in Wyoming? Was he "incapacitated," too?

Are the Bush people really that politically obtuse? Is their perception of things seriously that far off?

So here's the question I have for those of you who voted for Bush in 2004:

Do you get it now?

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