Thursday, September 29, 2005

Speaking of Mutants...

So I have been in a real crappy mood lately. I'm overwhelmed with work and school, and usually I handle it pretty well and can stay positive. But the last few days, I've noticed something had changed in my attitude. Several people said they could feel the unsettling emotions radiating from me. And today, I realized what a big part of it is. The mutants.

I go to school Monday through Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. When you consider the fact that I work from 8:00 a.m. to 2 or 3:00 p.m., I really don't have a lot of time to spend with, oh say, my loving boyfriend or friends. In fact, a majority of my day is spent with my classmates.

Here's where the mutants come in. There is a clear division between the nine gals in my class. There are the "Type A" gals - Melissa, Melissa (yes, there are two), Jasmine, Kim, and me, and then there are the mutants - Joyce, Laurie, Cathy, and whom we all refer to as Darth Vader. Joyce and Laurie can be sweet IF they are not around the Retard Twins (Cathy and Darth Vader). The Retard Twins themselves are just plain miserable. On the other hand, the Type A group is all about learning, but love having fun and interacting with each other.

You all know how women can be. So when I say that at times the tension in the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife, you understand. Half the time I'm waiting for a good ol' West Side Story rumble to break out. The mutants cannot stand us Type A gals, because it puts them under pressure to pick up the pace and get crackin' on the books. Melissa, a darling gal that I just love so much, and I often talk about this as a way to vent our frustrations.

I digress. Anyhoo, one of the mutants, Cathy, has much more power than any mutant should ever have. She is the most miserable person I know - she complains about the amount of work we have to do, she won't say hello to you if you are in the Type A group, she won't give or receive services (the very way in which we all get to practice treatments), and she won't participate in lecture, meaning if she's asked a question, like "What is the upper most layer of the epidermis?" she responds with, "I don't know." The negativity that permeates the room while she is there is stifling.

Cathy decided last month that she was going to take a month off. Unfortunately, her husband is not that supportive of her new career choice and has been pressuring her to quit. I empathize. However, that month she was gone was absolute bliss. Every day, the classroom was filled with positive energy and a collective eagerness to learn. The division between the mutants and Type As faded, and we were all beginning to interact more. Well, except Darth Vader, but she's a lost cause.

To my dismay, she came back this week and so is the negativity. Now, shame on us Type As for allowing her to have that power to ruin the experience for us - I know. But at the same time, I CANNOT STAND people who think they have the right to (as Smokey in Friday would put it) fuck up the rotation. Her lack of desire to be there makes the experience miserable for all of us, because she makes it well known how unhappy she is.

But today, I woke up and something was different. I realized that I am under a tremendous amount of stress, but that shouldn't steal my joy. Thank God I have such a wonderful boyfriend who has put up with my funk for the last few days (I love you, baby!). Today I realized that I was allowing the mutants to steal my joy because the weight of my pressures was getting to me. Well, no more.

Moral of the story folks... you are all intelligent, strong, wonderful human beings. NEVER LET THE MUTANTS GET YOU DOWN!

(If you are wondering about Darth Vader, stay tuned, I'm sure I'll be posting about her soon.)

I like Darth Vader, he had style.
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