Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Poor grieving Cindy....

Poor grieving Cindy....Tough Life. . . . . . .camping outside Bush's RanchMore about Cindy . . .What is most interesting to me is that the press gives thislittle bunch of people who are protesting with Cindy so much air timewithout discussing Cindy's background. This is a case of more press bias. It has been pointed out on just a couple of media outlets that Cindy divorced her first husband and left her son with him to be raised while she became a political activist for the Democratic Party. She had very little to do with her son in his growing years. She remarried. The 1st husband remarried. The original father raised the son with his new wife. They miss their son and mourn the loss of his life. They have stated that they are very proud of their son and that they agree with the stance of America in Iraq and on terror. They said that their son was eager to serve and to go fight the terrorists in Iraq. He volunteered. How many news stations carried their interview? Not many.So the son dies in Iraq and then Cindy shows up to make a stink. She gets an audience with Bush. That was not enough. She goes to Crawford and demands another audience. How many news stations carry the ongoing saga of Cindy? Practically all of them. Cindy didn't care about her son. She let another woman raise him. Cindy doesn't care about the other soldiers in Iraq. Cindy cares about her liberal, feminist agenda and about using the death of her sonto lobby against Republicans and Bush. And the press is helping her. Why? Then a few days ago, Cindy's 2nd husband filed for a divorce from Cindy. Cindy sounds like a feminist opportunist who did not have the sense of responsibility to even raise her own son. It looks like her 2nd husband is fed up with Cindy. We middle Americans should be fed up with Cindy also. We should be fed up with the press. They manipulate us into their "group think" and into the responses that they want on their polls.

H. A. Brown

T H A N K Y O U !!

I agree with you 100%. All she is doing is looking for the spotlight for her own selfish self. Her son died for a cause, her cause is Cindy... The media enhances this. When anything comes on T.V. about her I usually use the time to say a little prayer for our soldiers everywhere.
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