Thursday, November 10, 2005

Burger King Freak

It may be just me that is freaked out by the Burger King mascot or King Burger or whatever you want to call him, but I think he's a real freakin freak!!! The first commercial I saw with him in it was him standing looking in someone's window, can you believe it. In Maine that would just not be a good thing, we shoot first, ask questions later. I've sworn off Burger King food, does anyone else feel the same way. He's one scarey dude......
In his newest commercial with the construction worker on the skyscraper he looks downright evil not his usual maniacal self. Last night he was actually in bed with some guy in that commercial. Come on now, let's get rid of this pervert. Help me out here, what do you think?

I like him, especially after I watched him pick off Bledsoe and take it to the house. You could always try waking up with Captain instead.
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