Thursday, November 03, 2005

Did The Cat Get Your Tongues?

Hey, I keep clicking on this site to get the Sauce but no one has written anything for 2 weeks, 2 whole weeks! Doesn't anyone have anything to say about anything? I look forward to reading all the articles that you post. I live in Maine and this is my link to the outside world. I'm sitting here in Mechanic Falls and I would be willing to bet that most of you have never even heard of Mechanic Falls Maine? Am I right? This town has had a few different names over the past few hundred years including Jerico, then there is the one I like the best: Groggy Harbor for the amount of grog sold here, then Bog Falls but in 1841 it became Mechanic Falls named for all the mechanics serving the factories in town. Well the factories are long gone and this little town is pretty much on hold now with just about every building in need of repair. I have lived in Maine my entire life but if I ever won the Powerball that would change. My home base would be Boston, Massachusetts.
Boston is a whole different world and I'm sure you all know about Boston. Everything you could ever wish for can be found in Boston. In fact at one point in time both my sons lived there and those were the days my friend, I thought they would never end! I was fortunate enough to see Boston through their eyes as well as my own and what a trip it was. I think we did and saw it all. For 13 years Boston was a big part of my life. I still go there whenever I get the chance so Boston would be my home base.
Two other places I would spend alot of time in would be Eau Claire Wisconsin and Littleton Colorado. That's where my 2 Maine boys live now. I have been fortunate enough to visit both places and just like the boys they are very different. No, neither one of them will ever return to Maine to live because they have grown up and left their childhood homes behind them.
Back to the Sauce; using this tool of communication makes us all think about current affairs, sports, the media, etc. So come on everyone, write. I just did and invaded your space for a few minutes..........

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