Friday, July 22, 2005

No Demise Here

I think this is a fantastic idea and I'm so glad you've invited me to participate!

Personally, I can vouch that the rumors of your demise have been greatly exaggerated. What they say is true -- that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Over the past several months, I have seen a much more confident man rise above the challenges in his life. You have handled them with integrity, grace, and abundant patience -- you are a true butterfly!

Tonight, my instructor gave us a handout -- completely not related to esthetics whatsoever. But several statements struck me as I read it. First, "the past has given us many things that we should unlearn." As you go down the path of redefining you who are, I know you will find many things you wish you unlearn, and you will become a happier person. The second, "I am in charge, I create my own world, my thoughts become words and my words become reality." You have done nothing but demonstrate this exact statement.

I hope that as this life change comes to pass, as hurtful and stressful as it has been, you emerge from it happier than you have ever been in your life. I know you will be. Here's to new happy new beginnings -- for both of you.

The Rumors of my Demise...

Have been greatly exaggerated! Mark Twain once said this, and I thought it was more than an appropriate opening statement for my new blog.

Well the proverbial shit has certainly hit the fan out here and the walls and floor are covered! I know I haven't communicated much of what happened to anyone, and I also know that you have probably heard rumors and innuendo emanating from the other side that have painted quite a nasty picture. I'm not sure how much of anything I really want to talk about, but hopefully through this new blog, some semblance of the truth will come out in my ramblings and you all will come to know that I am still the same old me.

Anyway, let's light this candle and get things kickin'!

My plan for the blog is to randomly post my thoughts as they pop up; to wax poetically at times; to rant and bitch on occasion; to mumble incoherently at times; and to hopefully communicate consistently and effectively with my friends and family for once. I encourage everyone else to do the same!

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!!!!!!!

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