Thursday, December 29, 2005

Patriots to Honor 1985 ACF Championship Team at Half-Time This Week <

McGinest roles on: Patriots' 12th Player does it all

Steve Grogan vs Tony Eason. Coach Ray Berry, Craig James, Stanley Morgan, Andre Tippet, Ronnie La-pet (Lippet), Roland James, Fred Marion, Steve Nelson, Don Blackmon, John Hannah, Pete Brock, Bill Lenkaitis, the bare-footed Tony Franklin, the late Lawrence Mcgrew. I can't beleive it's been 20 years since these guys were roaming the field at "Sullivan Stadium" The win on the road on Monday night against the Dolphins in Miami, a game they never win, to get into the play-offs. The 3 play-off wins on the road to get to the superbowl only to be demolished by the Chicago Bears. Squish the Fish and Berry the Bears. A season I'll always remember.

Lawrence Mcgrew 1957-2004

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